Best Work Shoes for Women

5 Best Comfortable Work Shoes for Women & Men 2020

Best Comfortable Work Shoes For Women & Men 2020

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change one’s life. Smart work shoes are a staple in many women’s & men’s wardrobes. The whole idea of boots specifically designed for work started out in the 19th century, with the introduction of cowboy boots. However, these boots although ideal for cowboys, lacked a lot of features that a woman’s work boots may be in need of. With the industrial revolution, more and more women entered the work force, so making shoes with women workers in mind started becoming a necessity, owing to the growing demand. Today, shoe manufacturers and designers are placing a growing emphasis on the development of stylish work boots that both satisfy women’s tastes and work requirements.

To select the best possible work shoe, one must consider the type of work being performed, the type of protection needed and the type of environment she works in. Women usually like to wear boots that provide comfort and good looks. They also like to get more wear out of them, so that they can use their shoes to run errands even after work hours.There are several different types of women’s work shoes in the market. Following are some of the broad categories that they come in.

Types of Work Shoes

As women’s role in the workplace continues to evolve, so will the features that work boots for women provide. Before going out and purchasing your pair, you should look into boots specifically made for women in your profession. Don’t worry, there’s a pair for every profession. Here are some of the types of work shoes available:

  • Water-resistant work boots:

Although both water-resistant and water-proof boots sound the same, they are actually slightly different in terms of functionality. Water-resistant boots are meant for women, who work in damp conditions, but not in conditions where they have a possibility of having their foot completely submerged inside water. So if your work requires you to tread on snow or in moderate rainfall conditions, these boots are fine. They will, however, not be suitable in extreme or heavy rainfall conditions, as they do not prevent water from coming in from the tops. These boots are usually made out of leather, nylon, or vinyl.They help keep the feet warm and dry and can be worn outdoors all year round, under moderate weather conditions.

  • Waterproof work boots

These tend to be more durable than their water-resistant counterparts. They are protective enough not to let any water to enter into the shoe, even when the foot is completely immersed in water. Their specialty is their non-porous and tightly-sewn construction that disallows any water to seep through.  Some of the materials that are usually used in its construction includepolyester blends, rubber, and plastic. These boots are ideal for women who have jobs in cities with heavy rainfall, park jobs or pool side jobs.  These are also ideal for those who love trekking, hiking, or need to visit a lot of archaeological sites.

  • Steel-toe boots

These boots are often worn by women whose job descriptions involve high risk of heavy falling objects. The steel toe provides the protection of steel to your toes, so that impact with heavy objects does not reach your toes and nails. If your job involves moving heavy objects or operating large equipment, these steel toes will safely guard your feet. These shoes are also ideal for women in construction sites, power plants and mines. Steel toe shoes are generally heavier than their counterparts, but they mostly come combined with other features such as waterproof and slip resistance. Some even offer anti-microbial features and protection from electrical hazards.

  • Clogs

A clog is basically a shoe with a thick sole, mostly constructed from wood. These shoes provide you with protection and durability, while at the same time, not compromising on looks. The traditional clogs have now been improvised with cushion like linings on the inside to ensure superior comfort in the workplace. Modern day clogs for women come in numerous colors and designs, giving them a dose of both style and functionality.

Why Work Shoes?

Whether you work on a concrete floor all day, are a volunteer or supervise in a construction site, work shoes are a must. All that walking back and forth on a hard surface all day long can really take a toll on your feet. With the right work shoes your feet will get the adequate support they need. Those who have the right work shoes will have less pain in the heels, arches, ankles, and balls of the feet. Good shoes can make knees, hips, back and neck pain diminish. A good cushioned, supportive shoe will make the work day or night go much easier. Finding shoes that are both stylish and comfortable can be tough. When at work, it is important to be able to move about with ease. A perfect work shoe caneasily help you overcome whatever obstacles the working day throws your way. So which one do I buy you ask?

Worry not, the hunt for the elusive perfect work shoe ends here. We present here a selection of the best work shoes for women 2018, which will ensure safety and comfort. So take a look at the following suggestions and choose the pair that meets your expectations.

5. Best Work Shoe For Women & Men 2020

  1. Dansko professional mule

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Dansko shoes were founded by a dynamic couple,Mandy Cabot and Peter Kejellrup. It all started from a tiny shop in Denmark, and now they are manufacturers of one of the most comfortable shoes worldwide.

These foot gear provide invincible comfort and all day support. They protect your feet from external dirt and it is really easy to clean the surface of the clog, just take a wet soapy sponge and wipe off the dirt from the surface. Each shoe has been built by hand through staple construction. This ensures extra comfort to the user. The shoes are stapled at the sole. They can be worn regularly for more than a year comfortably. They have excellent arch support and great cushioning. What’s more, they fit true to size.  Once you wear them, your feet feel like heaven!

Each shoeconsists of a polyurethane rocker-bottom sole. These have been especially designed to cushion the feet from extra stress and to provide thrust to your feet when walking. They have a wide range of eccentric designs, helping you connect to your wild side. If comfortable and funky looking clogs are what you are looking for, I would suggest you to stop reading and go get a pair now.

Best Features:

  • Dirt resistant
  • Padded instep collar
  • Slip-resistant
  • wide heels
  • Roomy supportive toe box.
  • Shock-absorbent
  • PU inner frame to reduce torque.

It fits 67% of the customers as expected. A customer quoted “I’ve worn Dansko clogs for more than 10 years. So far these have been super comfortable and are in great condition. They give damn good arch support.The quality is also good. My first pair of these clogs lasted around 6-7 years of heavy use.”

2. Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe

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Skechers is a global brand name that was founded in 1992, and ever since, it has been winning awards worldwide. It provides a wide range of top-notch designs in men, women and children’s clogs. It is made of high quality raw materials, and provides many designs for the customer to choose according to their preference. It has a soft sporty mesh fabric and a synthetic upper all packed up in a lace up sporty casual work shoe. The shoes are slip resistant, to ensure good traction on slippery or oily terrain. It can be used comfortably in damp work places and can be worn for nine to ten hours comfortably which makes it ideal for women whose work involves having to run around all day long. The soles of the shoes are resistant to most chemicals. What adds to the comfort of these shoes is the breathability of the material, which keeps your feet nice and airy, making it ideal for the women who have to toil in hot weather conditions. This helps keep the feet free of sweat and nice and dry, while preventing fungal growths due to long-term sweating.

Best Features:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight

86% of its customer say they are absolutely in love with the product and have become true and loyal Skechers fans. Some of the customer reviews are as follows

“The shoes are true to size and damn comfy! I’ve been buying shoes for my crew for years and now I think, why didn’t I think of this sooner? My crew members find it easier to work in these and claim the shoes to be of really superior quality.I would definitely recommend these to everyone I know in the industry.”

3. Crocs Mercy Work Clog:

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Crocs is the epitome of work friendly shoes. They’ve already made a big name in the manufacture of inventive casual wear for men, women and kids, and they’re rocking it in women’s work shoes category too. Comfortable work shoes that can be easily slipped on are a rare find, but the makers of Crocs have ensured that their customers find no problem in the workplace in terms of shoes, once they’re they’ve slipped them on. These shoes are suitable for any type of work place. They are super easy to keep clean and are super comfortable to wear, ideal for any work place, in any season. The soft material of the shoe and the foot beds, that massage your feet, everytime you tread ensure that you can wear them all day long comfortably.This is possible due to the circulation nubs at the foot bed, which helps stimulate blood flow in your body. As we already know, the sole of your feet has loads of nerve endings, connecting to practically every organ in your body. So a good blood stimulation in the feet and that too at every step can really help you absorb the day’s stress with ease.The Crocs Women Mercy lineup has agood collection of designs to choose from. It has enhanced arch support and includes a heel strap for increased support and performance. It provides maximum durability on the outside and a plush feel on the inside (owing to the original Croslite foam cushion lining). These shoes are especially designed keeping the hard working woman in mind, whether she’s juggling dishes at a restaurant or looking after the sick in a hospital. And it’s not just the comfort, but the trendy designs that most women find attractive about these shoes. No wonderCrocs is one of the leading brands in the world. Most importantly it gives you a superior quality pair of shoes at an affordable price.

Best Features

  • Odor-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Superior-gripping
  • Soft
  • Non-marking
  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Enclosed toe

Most of the customers (around 62%) find it to be true to size and 92% of the customers are very comfortable wearing them in their respective work place.

A very happy customer commented, “I absolutely love my Crocs! It fits me perfectly, looks cute and makes my feet feel lavish. Price is also good and delivery time is impressive. I would definitely recommendthese. Thanks.”

Another customer opined, “I just purchased my 3rd pair of crocs. I am totally in love with them! They really are comfy and so worth it! I work at a hospital and these really help carry me around, and even after bearing the brunt of my weight the whole day, they don’t give in. My last pair had lasted me about a year, on an average. Price too is reasonable, and they are so easy to wash off. What more could a girl want? I would only not suggest it to those who work in warm environments as these shoes are enclosed, so feet don’t breathe”.

4. SOREL Out N About Leather Snow Boot

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As the name suggests, these are meant for the woman who goes out and about a lot, whether it is for work, trekking or just a weekend trip with friends or family. The moment you slip them on, you will feel like a cow-girl from one of those western movies. The SOREL Out n About shoes are ideal for every day work, especially during the freezing winters. They are waterproof and made out of full grain leather. So durability is something that comes without question. It has all the properties needed for comfort, including a moisture absorbent cotton lining, a removable molded EVA footbed, which delivers exceptional support to the soles of your feet, a vulcanized rubber midsole, along with a handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell. These shoes are ideal for donning by athletes participating in active winter sports as it offers maximum support.They keep your feet dry even in heavy rainfall and snow. What’s more, the Herringbone-texture outsole will give you superior support and traction when walking about in slippery snowy areas.  The boot is a perfect blend of sneakers and boots in one. So go ahead, put these on and then go out and about, you’ll see for yourself what I’m talking about.

Best Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Water proof
  • Rubble sole 

A good number of customers gave the SOREL Women’s out n About five stars. The reviews received were also impressive. Here are some of these customer reviews:

“These shoes are a tiny bit large in size, but it’s okcoz that means I have enough space for thick socks in winter. These are just awesome! I followed a friend’s advice and went for it. I’m so glad I did. These are soft, comfy and warm. I wear them all day, both at home and outdoors. They feel like I’ve put on slippers but with aguard of snow boots. I’ll give it a ten on ten”

“These are really cute boots. Price-wise too, these are really reasonable. They are just super comfy and easy to slip on. Never thought it were possible to get work shoes that get the work done, but also look stylish!”

5.Converse Chuck Taylor all Star Canvas High Top Sneaker:

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Chuck Taylor all star converse was founded in 1917. With its all-star sportsy look and fashionable designs, they are ideal for the woman who likes to have a little bit of fun even if it’s at work. These high top sneakers have a timeless appeal and can never go out of fashion. They are also gender-neutral, so they can be flaunted by both men and women alike. The ortholite in-sole ensures that every step you take is nicely cushioned, to give you superior comfort. This, in addition to the ankle patch guarantees that both your ankle and foot are well protected. You can keep the Converse Chuck Taylor as clean as new by simply spraying soapy water, then washing them. After washingyou simply need to wipe them off with a clean cloth. The shoes are large enough to allow room for an extra insole, if you feel the need for it. Whereas the vulcanized rubber soles give a nice and robust traction, even when you are running, or hiking. The sneakers are as shown in the pictures, and come in a variety of 7 different bright colors for you to choose from. And most important feature of all is that it is totally budget friendly.

Best Features:

  • Ortho Lite insole
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Durable traction

The Converse Chuck Taylor all star has more than a thousand satisfied customers. 73% of the customers have given it a five star review. Following are some highlights of the customer reviews:

“These are a nice and fun looking pair of shoes, which duly look after both my feet and long nails. I’m always afraid of chipping my nail due to impact with concrete, but these babies have saved me a couple of times. The bright colors also go with my personality and make me feel like a teen all over again!”

“I’ve been wearing Chucks my entire life, and these are no different from the original Chuck’s quality. It’s rare to find a company that has been steady so long, and still rolls out the same best quality products that made it famous. The pair that I recently bought completely did justice to my expectations.And for the price it comes in, you simply can’t go wrong!!”

My intention has been to provide you with a good combination of options in work shoes for women, so that you can select for yourself which one you find best. These were some of the Best workplace shoes for women, in my opinion, that offer a combination of both style, comfort and protection. Among these, I have two favorites. During winters, I love to wear my SOREL Women’s Out N About Leather Snow Boots, since they offer me a good amount of traction to tread through the slippery snow. Moreover, the water proof protection of the boots keep my feet nice and dry, while the EVA molded footbed and inner lining of the shoes keep my feet warm, snug and protected. In summers, I prefer wearing my Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh work shoes. They offer me the same traction and cushioning, but with a more breathable material, so my feet can bear the brunt of the hot summer, without profuse sweating, odor and fungal infections.

I do hope that you found the information I shared in this article useful in helping you choose the best shoes for your workplace. If you did, do share it with others and let me know your opinions or suggestions in the comments below.

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