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Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

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While buying a new pair of walking sneakers for your kids you must be thinking about comfort and style. If you are wearing a pair of shoes which is not comfortable then it can ruin your whole day plan. The kids especially love sneakers.

The Native Jefferson slip on have all the features that can solve all the problem at a reasonable price and this sneaker contains high-quality materials and an excellentsmooth design to fulfill the desires of stylish women. These are perfect for your kidsand toddlers who are looking for fashionable and comfortable best walking sneakers.This one is one of the best walking shoes and can go all the way long with all its amazing features.

Things to consider before buying shoes

Kids are likely very hard on shoes and they have the tendency to wear them out much faster than the other people. As a parent, it is our concern to watch closely our kid’s shoes and look at them for rough wear, hassled seams, holes in the soles, etc.

One thing is assured that the kid’s shoes do not fit accurately is bulging out from the sides and toes curving upwards. If you noticewearing out toes or heels then you must know you should absolutely need to purchase new shoes.

If these shoes fulfill all your required features then absolutely it should be your first choice no doubt.

Presenting the Product

The sneaker is lightweight and original EVA all-star, incomparable Native Jefferson shoes. Like other leading kinds of stuff, the Jefferson encompasses all of the fine features that you can expect from your most favorite sneakers.

Before buying a sneaker important things to consider that is it shock absorbent or not and odor resistant is also an important feature. Is it easy to clean or not? The Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker comes with all these features. It is hand washable, shock absorbent and it has the vast range of colors vary in different sizes.

The Native Jefferson slip-on is perfect for old school and new school in design.

This is injection-molded EVA shoe sporting sneaker responsiveness and a breathable holed upper which molds to your girl’s beloved foot for best comfort. A grippy sole assurances falter-free amusing in Native.

The Native Jefferson slip-on is a classic sneaker which is shaped as ultra-lightweight EVA and features the cushioned insole and overall holes to make sure the feet stay cool, dry and clean. This shoe is perfect for your kid’s day-long comfort.

Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker Specifications

Product Type kid’s Sneakers, Slip On
Series Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker
For baby girls and kids
Comfort Features Breathable, Lightweight
Style Casual
Shoe Technology Molded EVA
Upper Material Perforated rubber upper
Sole Material Rubber sole

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This is cool and stylish shoe yet from Jefferson which can keep you moving as a style trendsetter. This is a lightweight and rubber sole slip-on with its perforated rubber upper.


  • Lightweight shoes
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish, fashionable and comfortable
  • A very wide range of color variety available
  • Lots of size option available
  • Your toddlers can wear wherever they like
  • It can be used as sports shoes as well.
  • Odor resistant
  • Shock absorbent
  • Waterproof
  • Hand washable
  • Very comfortable and breathable
  • This shoe has the allover perforations


  • Not so great for chubby baby feet

Features and Benefits

The Native started producing and design lightweight, injection-molded EVA shoes from 2009 which are inspired by classic and casual silhouettes. Native shoes are quite good for everyone. Anybody in anywhere anytime can wear these shoes. These are easy to clean, easy hand washable. These are odor resistant and made from injection-molded EVA mold. EVA states ethylene-vinyl acetate stimulated by classic, casual silhouettes. These shoes are animal product free, waterproof and shock absorbent. The shoe is easy to wear.The fabulous look of Native is endless yet completely new.

  • It is made in the USA or imported
  • The shoes use the EVA mold technology which is calledEthylene Vinyl Acetate
  • The shoe sole is rubber sole
  • It is a lightweight shoe, breathable and comfortable
  • The Shoes are shock absorbent and hand washable
  • It has a lot of color choosing option
  • The shoes are waterproof and odor resistant.
  • The slip-on is featuring toe cap, logoed vamp
  • This shoe has the allover perforations and comes with the rubber rand and toe
  • The shoes come with EVA footbed molds to fit with your feet
  • Traction outsole. The Native shoes are offering you complete sizes and have a tendency to run on the bigger size.If you are stuck in between sizes then we will suggest you to sizing down to the closest size
  • The shoes are Peta approved vegan. Complete sizes only if you need ½ sized then order next size up. You can order for babies 0 to 12 months, walker 12 to 24monthes, for toddlers 2 years to 4 years and the little kids 4 years to 8 years

Customer’s Reviews

According to customer’s review, it’s a durable shoe and your kids can wear them all year round. Your kids will love these cute shoes. These shoes are perfect for lots of outside playing while still protecting toes it is also super easy to clean. Babies can wear these shoes everywhere. This is best for everyday wear or outside play. This is the unique shoe. These shoes are highly recommended.

Even my girl loves this shoe. I am just sharing my experience. She wants to wear the shoe everywhere. It is perfect for regular use or can be used as an outside play time shoes. It is very easy to clean.

A comfortable shoe is always the first concern because it can ruin your whole day. If the shoe is not comfortable you won’t be able to walk properly and it can hurt you can make blisters. So the Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker is the best choice for your kids. The can walk and play outside. They can wear is any time like summer spring or winter and anywhere. Kids love to play with mud but nothing to worry about these shoes because it is easy to clean.

It comes in many sizes and in many colors and designs so you can pick your favorite one easily.

In this article, I tried to explain everything about the shoes Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker briefly and hope this one will help you to take the perfect decision while buying comfortable sneakers for your kids.

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