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Ahnu Montara Waterproof Boot

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Hiking is such an activity which just does not dare your body but your shoes as well. While doing this type of difficult activities it is most important for you to wear shoes which can survive all type of terrains and at the same time can provide you maximum protection and comfort as well. The Ahnu women’s Montara waterproof boot can give you all these. This is specially designed for hiking. If you are hiking to a short distance with the normal and easiest terrain it can be stressful and can hurt your feet and ankles if you don’t wear perfect fitted and comfortable footwear

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hiking Boots

The hiking boots are categorized by their height or they are above the ankle. The harder rubber soles and strong building with leather or similar materials. A communal misconception is that all type of hiking boots is not heavy. There are lots of modern boots they are lightweight compared to old boots and they also provide much more support and stability in the ankle than a regular shoe.

Hiking boots variety on a wide range of light hikers to old-fashioned, heavy-duty backpacking boots.You can choose boots to carry with you when you are planning to carry more than 20 pounds bag with you. The leather or mesh hybrid boots can be comfortable enough to go for a long trip.

Presenting the Product

The Ahnu Women’s Montara Waterproof Boot is lightweight, oiled leather, mid-cut waterproof hiker. 

If you are in search a pair of comfortable shoe with some boot features for mild trails to do hiking,then this might be your perfect choice. But if you are seeking for a shoe which can handle unsteadyand rough trails containing any kind of advancement gain, you should look somewhere else.

The Ahnu Montara waterproof boot is a lightweight mid-height hiking boot. The main feature comes with a padded collar, rubber toe and heel protector, waterproof liner;the upper part is waterproof oiled leather. The outsole is Vibram for griping on a variety of surface, for more security and protection mid cut available. The Numentum technology is used to center and guide the foot which can provide a balanced and progressive. The collar and tongue are made from genuine leather. 

Other detected features contain 4 pairs of metal D-ring loopholes for lacing and 2 pairs of metal lace hooks for easiness of lacing.

Ahnu Montara Waterproof Boot specification

  • The Foot Wear Height:  Over the ankle
  • Best Use:                         Hiking
  • Waterproof:                    Yes
  • Gender:                           Women
  • Footwear Closer:            Lace-up
  • Upper Part:                     Waterproof oiled leather
  • Midsole:                          Dual-density EVA
  • Outsole:                          Vibram rubber
  • Lining:                             Breathable membrane waterproof

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The boots are lightweight hiking boot and protect your feet with the event waterproof protection and it also covers the mid-height ankle. You can get the grip you need to cover stony, muddy and forest-like terrain with the Vibram outsole.


  • This shoe is perfect for very light hikes
  • Smart and Stylish enough
  • It is super lightweight
  • The boot is completely waterproof
  • The boot is comfortable


  • The boot is wide, loose fit in the heel cup and thin sole

Benefit and Features

Those women who like to enjoy the light, short, flat-trail walks and at the same time want a stylish shoe that can protect their feet from the wet weather will appreciate these shoes. On the other hand, if you have a wider foot and love an extra high-volume fit, this shoe must be appropriate for you.

  • Genuine leather at collars which improves comfort; the linings moisture away from your feet
  • The midsole dual-density EVA which supply lightweight and provide cushioned support underfoot
  • The Vibram rubber outsoles on the boots make sure the lasting, dependable grip on trails
  • The upper part is waterproof oiled leather and suede leather which are flexible and tough, supplying lasting performance on the trail
  • The rubber toe caps can protect uppers and feet from scratch
  • The event waterproof, breathable membranes protect feet from the elements and provide comfort

The boots are not uncomfortable boots. The fit is just more comparable to a sneaker than a hiking boot that can make it perfectly adequate. It is a very light boot. Through the Vibram outsole looks substantial, the midsole is thick enough.

The Ahnu Women’s Montara WaterproofBoot has everything that you required for your next outdoor adventures. This is the perfect boot for using on the trails or rocky terrains or just simply walking around your community and this type of great quality boots are complete along with a padded collar, the rubber toe protector, and the event technology to offer a breathable feel while providing waterproof facilities

While using these shoes you can be assuredthat your feet will be protected and comfortable in the Montara mid hiking boots.

Customer Reviews

These boots are recommended by its customers. According to customers feedback this boot is cute enough to wear as a regular using boot and it is hard enough to explore that additional mile. 



The Ahnu has become one of the famous brands for women’s hiking boots since they are stylish enough and smart looking. These are durable and strong enough, money worthy. These are completely waterproof. The Ahnu Women’s Montara can protect you in the rain and the muddy rocky trail but the end of the day it still looks stylish.

In this article, I tried to explain all the features of the boot briefly. If you think these features can fulfill all your desired then this must be the shoe that you are looking for.

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